Saturday, July 22, 2017

1/72 Italeri Imperial Guard Artillery Vignette "Kutukutupense" by Emre Erkaplan

Hello everyone,
Emre is a figure modeler of our team. There is an interesting work today .. Name is "Kutukutupense"
Sorry I can't translate into English. Briefly called inboxvignette ... :)

Very good result my friend, continue please..

Which figures are in vinyette ? 
Most of Italeri Imperial Guard artillery figures, one of the Airfix Golden Hind sailboat figures..



completed model.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Academy 1/72 Stryker M1126 (construction stage) by Hakan Karlı

Hello dear friends,

Hakan was silent for a long time.  However he continued to produce, Just never finished the model .. like me :) And finished a model.. We are happy...

There are construction stages today. Greetings from Iraq..

Kits and materials used in dioramas :
Academy M1126 Stryker
D-Toys M1126 Stryker Wheel Set
Legend Stryker Infantry Carrier Vehicle Stowage and Accessories 
Blackdog Middle East highway (150*90)
Preiser Modern US Soldiers 

A reference photo..

with Legend parts..

After primer...

with figures..

painting timeç.


wash, drybrush and other weathering methods..

Blackdog base..

Road signs .. (handmade)

a nice detail..

Preiser's figures..

to be continued with a nice diorama..
Hakan & Erhan

Sunday, July 16, 2017

"Desert Hunters" - North Africa 1943 - w/Dragon L.R.D.G. car (by Mateusz Mathea)

Hello dear friends,

Matheus Mathea designed our page today .... Matheus from Poland and very talented master modeler.
I recommend, You can examine his models from his Web page


Now Mateusz said ...

Hi dear modeler,
It will be my first desert diorama. Chevrolet 1533X2 30cwt with Flak 30 in german service. There will be some extra Black Dog accesories.

Resin wheels prepared before assembly process...

FTF'39 kit with new barrel.

Almost ready for the painting stage. Need more bags, jerry cans, towels, boxes and other stowage accesories.

Stowage and other accesories tried on.

Before painting I alwayes use surface primer. I recommend Tamiya's spray primer.

First painting stpes using airbrush and Tamiya acrylic paints.

The woodbase need more support sticks before fixing the foam. I used spikes and cut them heads.

I'm happy to present my finished work.

Thank you for sharing Mateusz ..

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